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Posted 01 Jan 2009

Starting to vanish can seem like a massively complicated project. Please do not be intimidated by the hundreds of pieces of in-depth content on all kinds of topics here at How To Vanish which has become a massive compendium and one of the premier sources on the Internet to help you take control of your privacy.

But if you are new here, then you may feel overwhelmed and be wondering, “Where in the world do I start?”

We try to give practical and actionable tips with as much value as possible to solve the particular issue or circumstance. Sometimes the tips are basic. Sometimes the tips are complex. But we never take your time or attention for granted with fluffy time wasting suggestions.

Our articles and videos also cover threats to privacy. Sometimes this includes analysis of a law or court case, actual or potential uses of some technology or just current trends or events.

But all of the posts are written to help you protect your privacy, decrease your risk of being an identity theft victim and doing some completely legally so you do not break any laws.

eight steps to vanish

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2. Get acquainted with Bitcoin. We were among the first popular blogs to write about and recommend Bitcoin on 17 January 2011 in Bitcoin – The Best Financial Privacy Is Probably Here … Probably and have been applying it to controlling privacy ever since. Bitcoin will become one of your most powerful tools because it makes so much possible.

3. Read a few of the most popular posts. If a lot of other people have found them useful, maybe you will too.

4. Consider watching some videos at How To Vanish TV. These are often included in articles we write as examples or solutions but you may feel like going through the playlist anyway.

5. Consider buying How To Vanish The Book. The articles in this site are random, on hot topics, or about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time. The book is well organized to cover every area of your life and meet any budget. It shows you how to best protect your privacy by weighing the costs in terms of time, money and convenience. It is a holistic approach to privacy for your daily life.

But do you really want your credit card or Paypal account to show you purchased a book called How To Vanish? Of course not, that defeats the purpose! So consider getting our Free Bitcoin Guide to help with your learning curve. That way you can effectively vanish any traces of your purchase of How To Vanish The Book.

6. Check out our products store. Our products treat in-depth individual topics on a wide range of issues and may help you solve a particular issue or problem facing you. Some contain thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of legal research. They are all designed to either give you some great information or show you how to make or keep more money.

In many cases, you can hand them to your attorney or accountant and save many times the cost of the product from their billable hours for research. They all relate to privacy so you will see how broad privacy hygiene can be applied.

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8. The Archives section is also extremely helpful. You can quickly scan many different article titles to find something appealing.

9. The more people who apply privacy hygiene the safer and more private we all because you could protect your privacy only to have one of your friends inadvertently breach it. Even Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, complained about a family photo being posted to Facebook and the shared with the public.

So please consider sharing our content with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. This should stir some interesting discussions and help all of us be safer by employing privacy hygiene practices.