Felix Moreno de la Cova Endorses Trace Mayer For Bitcoin Foundation Board Seat

Posted 10 Sep 2013

On September 16-23rd the Bitcoin Foundation will be holding the final elections for two seats on the board of directors for the Industry and Individual seats.

In this video, Bitcoin expert and enthusiast Felix Moreno de la Cova , a trader and portfolio manager from Spain who has discussed Bitcoin on La Sexta, Russia Today and with GoldMoney, endorses Trace Mayer for the Individual seat and they discuss the vision and future of the Foundation and how the financial capital should be allocated.

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Trace Mayer: Hola, mi amigo. Felix Moreno de la Cova. This is Trace Mayer and I wanted to get you on the line and ask for your endorsement for the Bitcoin Foundation board seat.

Felix Moreno de la Cova: Hello, Trace. Very nice to see you again. I am very glad to endorse you for the Foundation seat. I think you are going to be a voice for the qualities which make Bitcoin something special namely it’s decentralized, it gives power back to the users and takes it away from a centralized financial system. And it’s open to everyone.

Trace Mayer: Another question that some of the foundation members have has to do with having it so US centric on the Bitcoin Foundation and you come from Spain. And I was just wondering what some of your thoughts might be in that regard.

Felix Moreno de la Cova: Well, I’ve seen people from all over the world join the Bitcoin bandwagon and obviously it starts off in the US or mostly in the US, and it starts off in the English language. So that’s given Americans a head start. But that’s not going to stay that way forever. As long as the system stays open and everybody has an equal opportunity of taking part in it, I don’t care where it started. It’s a boon to the world.

Trace Mayer: Okay, wonderful. And are there any other topics or areas that you’d like to hit on as far as my candidacy in the different specialties or things that I might be able to bring to it that the other candidates might not?

Felix Moreno de la Cova: Well, the main reason why I’m supporting you, Trace, is because I trust you that you are in sync with the principles of Bitcoin, with the principles of property rights and giving each person control of their own money. And I think you understand also the need for privacy and the need for irreversible payments and the need for limited supply of money. I think you understand all those key aspects of Bitcoin.

  I think many people don’t. They just see Bitcoin as a potential improvement in our financial system or just long line payment system. And I know you well enough to know that you understand the real reasons why Bitcoin is important and that you will defend those reasons.

Trace Mayer: Well, thank you very much. There’s definitely a large corpus of work that I have produced on those subjects whether it’s Run To Gold with several hundred articles there or over at How To Vanish which also has a couple hundred articles. And so yeah, principles of sound money and principles of privacy are definitely something I’ve put a lot of time and attention into, both studying on myself but also teaching and helping other people understand how to use and apply those principles in their life.

So thank you very much for your endorsement, Felix.

Felix Moreno de la Cova: Thank you, very much.