Cash Payment Options And Discount

Posted 01 Jan 2009

We Respect Your Financial Privacy

We understand that you may not want to have any Paypal, debit or credit card records of items purchased from How To Vanish. So, we accept a more private payment option for all of our products and services to further protect your privacy.

We used to accept cash in the mail for our products. This was inconvenient for our customers. They had to send cash in the mail, wait several days for the mail to arrive, and then wait for an email with the digital item attached.  They worried about the cash getting lost in the mail, they worried about the long wait time, and I'm sure some with poor handwriting worried whether we could read their email address or not.

By paying with Bitcoin, you eliminate several days off your wait, your cash won't get lost in the mail, and we won't have to decipher the occasional chicken scratch anymore to get you your stuff. You can have it right away.

Bitcoin is much more anonymous than credit cards or Paypal.  You can use Bitcoins to purchase all of our products.  If you don't have any Bitcoins, all you have to do is take cash to a local bank branch, 7-11, CVS, etc. and you can get bitcoins within a few minutes.  Once you have those Bitcoins you can then purchase your item instantly.

However, due to the inability to link a purchase with an identity it is not possible for us to offer refunds on any Bitcoin payments.


There is a learning curve involved with using Bitcoin. We created the Free Bitcoin Guide to drastically shorten your learning curve and help you acquire, store and spend bitcoins extremely quickly.