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Why We Started HowToVanish And Who We Are

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How To Vanish is intended to help you keep personal and financial secrets using the best practices in compliance with law.

why start howtovanish

Without the ability to keep secrets, individuals lose the capacity to distinguish themselves from others, to maintain independent lives, to be complete and autonomous persons. This does not mean that a person actually has to keep secrets to be autonomous, just that she must possess the ability to do so. The ability to keep secrets implies the ability to disclose secrets selectively, and so the capacity for selective disclosure at one’s own discretion is important to individual autonomy as well.

Secrecy is a form of power. The ability to protect a secret, to preserve one’s privacy, is a form of power. The ability to penetrate secrets, to learn them, to use them, is also a form of power. Secrecy empowers, secrecy protects, secrecy hurts. The ability to learn a person’s secrets without his or her knowledge — to pierce a person’s privacy in secret — is a greater power still.

We want to help you exercise your unalienable right to secrecy, or in other words, to have you and your property left alone.

who we are

trace mayerLohengrin has helped many people profit by demonstrating a significant documented foresight and prognostication ability in the money, currency and payment markets and developments. He has earned degrees in accounting and law and has studied the Austrian school of economics.

He is an ardent defender and advocate of the freedom of speech and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

He was among the first popular bloggers to publicly recommend Bitcoin in its infancy with a market cap under $2m and well before its massive rise to about $12B in November 2013. He has presented on Bitcoin, both objectively and persuasively, to a wide variety of audiences including members of the Federal Reserve, Bundesbank, major financial institutions, HNWIs, conferences and many others.

So if you use or like Bitcoin then there is a good chance it is because you or someone who influenced you (like Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy JournalChris Powell of GATALew RockwellAnti-War.comJeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante, The Silver Vigilante, John Rubino of Dollar CollapseJason Burack of Wall Street For Main Street, BrotherJohnF, Michael of The Daily PaulMax Keiser, James Turk of GoldMoneyKerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network and Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends) were, as a result of his work, all influenced early on and persuaded to use and accept bitcoins.

Feel free to just ask me a question.

bill roundsThe Drifter, a Riverside attorney, has helped many people protect their businesses or assets and has defended their freedom in the courtroom. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from California Western School of Law.  He practices civil litigation, criminal defense, asset protection and privacy law.  He is a strong advocate of personal and financial freedom.


We are both available to perform interviews with journalists, bloggers, radio hosts and other content producers. We are also available for speaking engagements.

contact us

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lohengrin holds a degree in Accounting, a law degree from California Western School of Law and studies the Austrian school of economics. He works as an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and operates Run To Gold. He is a strong advocate of the freedom of speech, a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the San Diego County Bar Association. He has appeared on ABC, NBC, BNN, many radio shows and presented at many investment conferences throughout the world. This is merely one article of 21 by .
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