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Learn How To Avoid Private Investigators – Followed By A Private Investigator

by The Drifter on August 18, 2009

Reading time: 7 – 11 minutes

Learn how to avoid private investigators. Perhaps that is something Dory should have done.

How is it that the most nutty character, Dory,  in the movie Finding Nemo actually teaches a very valuable principle?  Let me assure you, it is not how to speak whale, it is what to do when you realize that you are being followed by a private investigator.

There are certain times when it is most likely that you will be the subject of an investigation, ways to recognize surveillance, and ways to avoid private investigators or “burn” the investigator.


Even the Hollywood image of police or private investigators conducting surveillance on a subject make one thing very clear, there must be some reason to investigate the person.  The most likely reasons for investigation include when you have filed a claim with your insurance company for personal injuries, if you are involved in litigation, or for divorce or child support/custody issues.

Essentially, there must be an incentive to discover some detail of your private life, such as breaching any sense of bank privacy you think you have, before you need to think about avoiding private investigators.  Otherwise, hiring a private investigator to do surveillance on you is just a very expensive hobby.

When you want to avoid private investigators then you should be cognizant that the economic resources of the person or entity that might be investigating you is also a clue to how much surveillance is actually being conducted on you.  In a small lawsuit or in an average divorce proceeding, there are probably only a handful of days, 4-5, over the course of several months in which surveillance is actually being conducted and the instruments of surveillance are probably low tech.

The higher the value of the case or divorce, the more resources are likely to be allocated to the surveillance, thus more days in the same period of time devoted to it and the more sophisticated the surveillance is likely to be.  If there are specific events that are the subject of the underlying dispute, such as visitation days of children when the fitness of the parent is at issue, the likelihood of having to avoid surveillance on those occasions is much higher.  Common sense is a good guide as to when, how and how often a private investigator might be following you.

private investigator snooping


To avoid a private investigator you should probably be aware of one! Far from the image of two guys parked in front of your house for hours in a sedan, drinking coffee and eating fast food, investigators use much more sophisticated methods to avoid detection because avoiding detection is the name of the game for them.  The most obvious signs that you are being followed by a private investigator are that you see an unfamiliar car in the neighborhood, you notice a car or a person following you, or if you notice a stranger taking pictures or video of you, your property or your neighborhood.

Some other signs that a private investigator is following you are that your friends and acquaintances tell you they have received phone calls or visitors asking about you or you get an increased number of wrong numbers or hang-ups.  You may also want to check under your car for any tracking devices that might be attached to it.  Once you suspect that you are under surveillance by a private investigator, you may then take action to disrupt or avoid surveillance.


Many people, upon discovering that they are being watched, immediately engage in evasive action, either overtly or covertly, to lose their investigator.  This is especially useful if you think you are being watched but haven’t identified the snoop.  If the investigator doesn’t think they have been discovered, they will simply return another day and probably still get the information they were looking for.

If you have identified an individual as a suspected snoop the best way to avoid being followed and ruin their case is to confront them about it.  This takes some guts, especially if you aren’t certain about their activities, but it lets them know that they have been burned.  Keep in mind that the investigator will never admit that they are investigating you.

Even if you catch a private investigator taking pictures of you they will come up with some lame story about how they grew up in your house and are just reminiscing about old times or something like that.  If you are wrong about being followed by a private investigator, you may look weird but there will be no real harm done to the other person.

To really avoid private investigators the key to ending surveillance and avoiding surveillance by private investigators in the future is to then follow them until they leave.  I have no qualms about recommending this because if they can do it to you, you can do it to them.    You do not need to hide the fact that you have reversed the roles, it is actually better if they know you are watching them.

You may either be up front about suspecting that the private investigator is following you or pretend that you believe their story and pepper them with questions about the details of what they are doing and why.  If their behavior is truly suspicious, you may even be able to notify the police. In either case, the investigation is probably going to end because the investigator has been burned.  You can also think about becoming a resident of Uruguay.


Bitcoin is a very useful tool to eliminate financial tracks to avoid private investigators and protect you from identity theft. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that empowers you to send money without it being tied to your identity.

That means for a private investigator there are no credit card statements that could be compromised from digging through your trash, pretexting or bribing someone. With services like BitSpend or BitSumo you can use Bitcoin for almost all of your transactions. This will help remove the financial tracks that a private investigator may use to find you.

You can get a copy of the Free Bitcoin Guide to learn more about how to acquire, store and spend bitcoins. An excellent example is with a VPN.

private internet access


Although it would take an extremely skilled digital private investigator it is still possible that your Internet tracks are being snooped on. This could happen when you use your own private WIFI network, a public network or other Internet connection. Additionally, your ISP could keep logs which they may release to a pretexting private investigator.

One solution to protect yourself is to use a Virtual Private Network. To protect your financial privacy and ensure that your identity is not connected to the account we highly recommend only trusting VPNs that accept bitcoins. For these reasons we recommend Private Internet Access.


If you suspect you are being followed, play the game and follow your follower.  The best way to do this is to openly confront them about following you, much like Dory confronting Marlin, and then openly follow them until they leave.  This will keep your private life a little more private from any investigator that might be following you.

You can also avoid surveillance cameras, keep out of transactional databases, avoid pretexting and ensure tools like Spy Bubble are not on your cell phone(s) to protect your phone conversations to make private investigators jobs much more difficult.  The book How To Vanish has lots more tools and techniques you can use to avoid private investigators.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Drifter is a California attorney. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from California Western School of Law. He practices civil litigation, domestic and foreign business entity formation and transactions, criminal defense and privacy law. He is a strong advocate of personal and financial freedom and civil liberties. This is merely one article of 129 by .
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{ 27 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Joseph May 24, 2010 at 8:33 am

Here is a technique used by me for years. Use a phone card to make all of your calls that you do not want traced. When they try to determine what number the call came from all they will find is an 800 number for the phone card source. There are a few “phone card” companies on the internet you can access.

2 Bill Rounds J.D. June 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm

That is a good example of selectively using certain techniques. Not everything that you do has to be concealed and leaving certain things publicly available can actually be beneficial. Great comment!

3 Richard December 31, 2010 at 10:49 pm

Great article Bill and great tip as well Joseph!
Keep up the fantastic work

4 Annie February 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

How about this little question. Could you not technically be used as a pawn to test the new “surveillance” capabilities of @meric@? It is so very easy to spread disinformation today.

5 earl February 21, 2011 at 8:54 am

Here is a sugestion.

DOnt make fraudlent claims and try being a productive member of society

6 Earl March 21, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Earl, get your head out of your #*$, the majority of injury claims are legit, but since people have and many people have filed fraudelant claims you speak as though most everyone does. Let me tell you something, I ve filed 3 legit work comp cases over the past 12 yrs and I ve been followed and never did they catch me doing anything because I was legit, but its not a cool feeling to know you’re being watched and then try to explain to your kids that its ok and they don’t need to worry that a stranger is following us. Another thing Earl, I tell everyone I know that if they sustain an injury at work they better file a work comp claim otherwise they will most likely get screwed with their personal insurance, becuase it was a work accident, they won’t pay for it or after you get tons of treatment they have a right to not pay and your stuck with the bills. We pay money into insurance so were protected, so if your one of those that bashes people for filing work comp claims or anything else that we have a RIGHT and Obligation to then you’re just a complete fool. When you get it you do, then you can be a moron and pay out of your pocket if that makes you feel good, but let me tell you nobody gives a damn about you (insurance companies and your employer) so don’t think your being a company guy by not —behind the scenes they really think your foolish. Remember we, me, and you come first stop worrying about large companies that rob you blind and don’t care anything about you. I for the life of me can’t understand where people like you Earl come from. Pathetic.

7 scott April 26, 2011 at 9:28 pm

Your article on avoiding these insurance slaves ( aka ‘snitches’ aka ‘wannabe commandos’ aka ‘failed cops’ aka ‘slimy pink things that crawl out of a hole’ aka ‘pry eyes’ ) is kind of good, but I think it could be greatly improved. For example, no mention is made of simply setting up a fake pattern, and then breaking it. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. The ‘target’ can, for example, go for a ten minute drive every Tuesday at 3pm using the same roads and do this for one week. If during that time they notice the snoops are around or following, terrific. Break the pattern instantly you know they’re on to it and start a new one. Also, if you believe you are being followed via car ( and following with only one car is extremely difficult as it’s too easy to lose one car ), then simply perform what’s called a ‘box manuever’. Take 4 consecutive right turns while driving. If someone takes 4 consec rights WITH you – even at a distance – the odds they are following you are astronomically high.

Also, purposely change your sleep patterns. Turn the lights off early at the same time every night for a week. Even pretend to sleep and use a nightlight to read. Next week, alter the light patterns in your room. The next week, get up with the dawn. Change how/when your exterior lights come on and off. One week always make sure all your window blinds are open. Whoopee! They might get a camera shot inside. Next week, keep ’em all closed. Start a pattern, break it. Start a route, change it. Point is, they’re looking for patterns, places, people. Just keep setting the stage and then rearranging it over and over They hate that!

I do agree that the battery removal of the celly is a good idea but I’d go one farther. I’d take the SIM card out as well. You can store them in seperate baggies if you like. Place them in different areas that only you know of. Also, if you think they might be trying to hack your home network, NOW is the time to close that puppy up. And when you leave home, shut off the modem, the router, and power down your computer.

One thing I would’ve liked to have seen: How To Find Hidden Micro-cameras ( which can now be wireless ) in your home. Also, anything about defeating illegal entry or figuring out if someone’s jimmying those locks or not. The thing is, for wc claims you’re often talking about people who just do NOT have the money to invest in counter-surveillance and frankly, simply can’t physically handle installing ( and not everyone has an ideal situation of tons of friends to call on ). So, maybe something for those folks as well.

I read one story about a guy who found a wireless surveillance camera buried at the base of his tree in hopes of catching him doing kartwheels in the yard I guess. Boy the FUN I would’ve had with that thing. Anyway, it’s AT LEAST evidence that the jerk who placed it there was trespassing. Which is illegal. And no evidence gained illegally can be submitted as sub rosa evidence. Not to my knowledge anyway.

And Earl my dear, the VAST MAJORITY of injured workers ARE injured. Private eyes are a waste of money by the insurance company who SHOULD be using that money to help the injured worker get back to work OR get re-educated into another field OR, and here’s an astounding idea, see GOOD doctors instead of being sent to insurance mills. In the last decade, less than 2% of all IW’s have been proven to be fraudulent. SUSPICION is NOT proof. You types are used primarily for ONE reason…one that you do not like to admit to: YOU are being used simply to harass the IW. That’s all. Know why? The court doesn’t spend hours and hours looking at all your sub rosa. There’s just no time to. Next, they also know it’s coming from the ‘defense’ side of things. The work comp system is EXTREMELY adversarial against injured workers, but people like you NEED to believe otherwise so you can feel better about what YOU do, not because you actually believe the sick and the injured are ‘bad’ in some way. You tell yourself these things so you don’t have to think about how many IW’s are destroyed financially by insurance companies, how many families are torn apart, how many children will go hungry, how the injured workers body is often permanently reduced, how the careers they spent their whole lives learning to do, how the experience and time they gave to their companies, and how their personal pride is utterly and totally devestated. Put THOSE facts in your lopside brain and see if it can’t equalize back to normal for a second. There is no ‘gold’ and there is no ‘rainbow’ for injured workers. They are often injured and then fired and the companies get away with it and all with the help of people LIKE YOU.
They are bankrupted while they try to heal and recover physically and MANY of them can’t because they are permanently disabled and often THAT is due to the failure of recieving proper medical treatment at the onset of injury, other times merely to the accident itself. But shill doctors certainly do not help buddy boy. The IW has NO choice during the intial phase of injury about which doctor they can go to. Your assumptions are not based on fact, they are based on a very powerful and wildly profitable insurance industry, often highly unregulated compared to other underwriting fields, who has the money to spend on decades of PROPOGANDA and lobbyists. Injured workers do NOT have high powered, spoiled, and rich lobbyists representing their interests as the insurers do and have had. Their attorneys salaries are CAPPED by the state whereas the ‘defense’ attorney rep’ing the employer can demand ANY salary and they are usually 3x more expensive than any injured worker could ever hope to afford. Hey Earl, time for another brain straightener: Ever heard the term,”Follow the money” to indicate where the truth REALLY is? OK, now think real hard Earl….WHO makes more money in one year: an injured worker whose salary is reduced nearly 40% per week or an insurance industry that pulls in BILLIONS every year?

Here’s some more math Early my boy: Insurer X has 10 claimes. Insurer X hires a PI to snith on 10 claimants. Even if the professional snitch manages to twist out two seconds of video over MONTHS of surveillance that also manages to PROVE only one claim in the 10 is fraudulent, that means the insurer has to pay out on 9 claimes. Guess what? Even paying out on 9 claimes, the insurer is STILL AHEAD.

Don’t you get it? Or did watching Rockford re-runs and all those dinnertime news stories of the injured back guy digging a pool with a shovel ACTUALLY program you effectively enough to believe the drool that spilled from your brain, to your fingers, to your keyboard, and on to here?

Geezus man, do some research would ya? You’re embarassing.

8 scott April 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm

P.S. One more thing Earl, and to anyone else who buys into the propaganda whines of wc insurers: When the injured workers pay is reduced every week upwards of FORTY PERCENT ( and forty percent of generally low-wage/blue collar jobs is…? right…even lower ), the injured workers BILLS ARE NOT REDUCED. The power company doesn’t reduced the bills 40%, the water company doesn’t reduce the bills 40%, their food bills aren’t reduced 40%, their childrens and pets medical needs are not reduced 40%, fuel aka ‘gas’ is not reduced 40%, their auto insurance is not reduced 40%…do you get it yet Earl? Come on now, you can handle a little TRUTH can’t you Earl?

Every citizen in this country enjoys the right to choose their own medical provider Earl EXCEPT the injured worker. To choose their own doctor to look after the injuries INCURRED AT WORK, means either a) paying the bills themselves which they cannot afford to do and often don’t have the medical insurance via their jobs anymore because their greedy employers FIRE them, or find a flimsy excuse to fire them, FOR BEING INJURED or b) means fighting for months in a back and forth with a resistant ‘defense’ to get their ONE-TIME option of choosing their own doctor, which does not happen for months, sometimes YEARS before they can. And that’s IF they can, because it’s no guarantee it will be approved.

See Earl, you and people like you really have NO idea just how caustic, cruel, and hostile the wc ‘system’ is to injured workers. And PI’s who work for the soulless insurers, mainly the nasty little adjustors assigned to the claim ( who, btw, have the sole job role of AVOIDING any kind of paying out – oh, you didn’t think about that, huh? ), are just part of a game of psychological warfare on the injured workers. PI’s are paid, primarily, as just another tool ( emphasis on TOOL ) to wear the injured workers down even further than their injuries or illness do. PI’s are not honorable people. If they were, THEY’D go get those jobs they think the injured workers should be hobbling and crawling to go get, no matter how much pain they’re in. The jobs that do NOT require snitching and sniveling and skulking around on their own fellow citizens for. Real patriotic work that pee eye stuff huh? Snitching on your own brothers and sisters under this great countrys flag. Well done. Bravo. Real big of ya’ zero-hero.

Injured workers are NOT claims. They’re human beings. Human beings who are used, broken, and tossed away. To say ‘go be productive’ is an enormous display of just how ignorant and souless and sick you have to be to support the conspiracy of suspicion and guilt before innocence syndrome that the insurance industry RELIES on people like you checking their brains out to lunch for. Here’s a challenge for you Earl, and I defy you to find the information. If you can, you’d be the first but there’s one little caveat to think about. A ‘pre-question’ to the question, if you will: If you cannot find the information, ask yourself WHO would want it hidden?

Here’s the question: Why can no one find the suicide rates/statistics/facts of injured workers? To make it easy on you Earl, let’s rule out suicide ‘attempts’. You can find them for morticians, ER docs, airline pilots, air traffic control, etc etc. Hmmmm…..but where are the ones for injured workers? Gee, who would have that buried?

Follow the money Earl, follow the money…

9 david hahn October 11, 2011 at 11:18 am

my $.02 – the insurance company is trying to mitigate their loss, in the same way that the injured & their representation is trying to maximize their compensation. I manage a litigation support firm, and can assure you that, when running a surveillance operation, we are only there to document the truth, not create situations that embarrass or discredit the injured party. If the most I see you doing is sitting on the porchswing or doing some light grocery shopping, I can assure you that carting a gallon of milk around isn’t going to hurt your case; If you claim you can’t squeeze or use your hands but I watch you hang from monkey bars for the 1/2 hour you’re with your kid at the fast food restaurant playland, well, I think there are bigger issues than whether a ‘snitch’ is watching you.

10 Ghani November 27, 2011 at 1:25 pm

I’m very appreciative for your comment, as I am in the beginning stages of obtaining my license in Florida for private investigation. I’m also not surprised by the amount of hostility toward the investigation industry, as I have come into contact with some very “slimy” investigators who, although few, give everyone a bad name. Our role in the field is to document a subject in their natural environment, not to create a situation or exaggerate the findings. Those who are injured are not the issue, and should not be offended or defensive of the investigation into their claim. The unfortunate truth is that not everyone is as honest as some of the commentors here claim to be, and we all pay for the behavior of those fraudsters.

11 Karen Day November 13, 2012 at 6:57 pm

Thank you so very for your help I went to the police Dept., & my husband said I was nuts! And one thing I am not that is nuts!!
I will go & make a police report. Also I have been asking my Pain management Doctor why all the investergaters cars there for he did not know so last month I got there early & and who comes out with a big !! File that took 2 hands & she gets in the car of the one that is the attorney, and she & her car went behind building she could not get out from behind building, finally I went in to see him he asked how I was I said good till I saw there attorney, he just about died! Is he allowed to got against me with there attorney to make that big money all over a again, I thought my files were kept private. Thank you Karen. PS he said I am not seeing nothing I am thinking I am ya right! Thank you for saving my mind!

12 tgallen December 2, 2012 at 5:31 pm

I believe I am being followed but I am walking and they use cars…any suggestions on how to deal with this?

13 tgallen December 5, 2012 at 9:25 pm

So…after I post the question all the activity stops?

14 Jason March 6, 2013 at 7:34 am

Being a private investigator I can tell you that when someone burns you it really sucks and does bring the investigation to a halt. But, you should be very careful approaching or following someone you think is a PI. PI’s are usually armed and have a legal right to be there.

There have been times when someone I was watching started following me after the case was over and they had a grudge to fill. I called the police and they were issued a warning and could have been locked up for felony stalking.

In my state, if you follow someone without a PI license without their knowledge you are guilty of a felony in most cases. I didn’t press charges because he just needed to calm down.

On the other hand, as the police arrived he was approaching me on a private property with his hand in his waist line. I knew from my investigation that he carried a .45. If the police wouldn’t have arrived it is likely I would have been forced to draw down on him and that would have become a very dangerous situation for both of us.

So, your advice on confronting and following is actually a tactic when I use when being followed. But you should use extreme caution, because you don’t actually know the person is a PI (they could be a deranged lunatic or jumpy gun owner) and PI’s are usually well armed and not afraid to use their weapon. I work with a guy who shot someone recently who confronted him with a gun.

15 Trace Mayer, J.D. March 8, 2013 at 10:11 am

Jason, those are great points.

16 DMW March 12, 2013 at 8:13 am

Thank you for posting this MY FIL hired a PI. I sucessfully contacted the Pi (Creeper)via phone and threatend to get a protective order. Creeper showed up and left quickly. I will be looking into filing a lawsuit my fil hired him to go to jobs I applied for to find out if I put i wouldn’t work Sundays. He has cost me many jobs now I know why.

17 Ray April 25, 2013 at 8:31 pm

I’m Being Follow by 10 different guys in Defriend cars Almost every day

18 Ray April 25, 2013 at 8:35 pm

I call the plaice. En they Said they confuse me with somebody else . Did they have the right paperwork . But they still following me????? I don’t have a tracking mean by my phone on my cart ?????

19 Bob June 8, 2013 at 4:03 pm

I really like your advice and information, it’s very useful. The only problem is, in my experience most private investigators do not follow the rules of law at all, most of them use devices illegally, bugging your house, phone, setting up perimeter monitors, video monitors and other such things, all of which are illegal for such purposes. It’s called stalking and their are laws against those things. Problem is that even if you find their devices, even if you catch them, if you report it to the police or law enforcement officers then rather than prosecuting them and letting people know that such things are going on they are more interested in what the private investigator knows for their own purposes, doesn’t matter if you are not doing anything wrong they want the information themselves and even if it goes to court chances are they’ll just get a slap on the wrist because they are friends with law enforcement most of the time, they have a special interest in protecting their friends. I honestly should write a book on my dealings with them. I think they are all dirt bags if you ask me, I have not heard of one yet that doesn’t break the law. Most of them are not cops anymore because they were kicked off the force for not following the rules, that’s a plus on their job resume to any PI agency. I hope to buy your book in the near future, I’m not sure if you touch upon this subject, but with the technology these days it doesn’t matter what you do to protect your privacy on your Laptop or Desktop PC, the second you cut it on from what I have been told by a few experts that the freqs from the monitor or monitor cable can be scanned and viewed if someone has enough knowledge and the proper equipment to do so, unless it is a shielded PC, or room. Chances are anyone such as a PI in the business could afford such things, not only that you never know what they are doing. ZERO DETECTION. Just thought I would mention that. Keep up the great work. Great site, and good information.

20 AMERICAN VETERAN June 13, 2013 at 2:29 am

I just happened upon this site while doing research about private investigators and the scum insurance companies that hire them. I’m a USMC Veteran, and Ivy grad and a “former” business person. I say former, because now I’m so traumatized by being followed for years that the PTSD I sustained from my younger years in the Marines flared up and left me PARANOID about everything I say and do. INSURANCE COMPANIES AND THEIR PIs DESTROY INNOCENT LIVES! Unfortunately for the PIs, its either continue snooping or flip burgers for a living. They had no other skill set to generate real income so they sold their soul to the CORPORATE DEVILS.

21 John Doe September 2, 2013 at 10:38 pm

I am an IW and suspected of being followed by an individual with unknown intentions. I maneuvered to a large public location with one way in and one way out. I then called 911 as I had my wife and two small children with me. The Deputy made contact with the individual and confirmed he was properly credentialed froma company called “Platinum Investigative Reaources” out of Salem Oregon.

I then went about my business.

Later that evening, a charcoal gray Toyota Tacoma with tinted windows and a wins hiked sun shade was parked across and down from my house. (The exact location of the previous vehicle that followed me). There was a human being sitting in the vehicle, and after sending an acquaintance driving by, a video camera was confirmed to be pointed at my house. I video taped the public street that happened to.contain this vehicle and after about an hour, the sun shad was removed, the man put his face close to the windshiels and I noticed he was a causasian male in his mid 50’s, salt and pepper long hair, a 70’s style mustache wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

I witnessed and happened to get on tape the vehicle turning right without properly signaling as required by Statute. This endangered the safety of the public.

I then researched available public records and discovered the Secretary of State Business Registry to show that the business license as “Administrative Revoke Authority” following an entry of “Late Annual”. I brought this to the attention of the office of the firm and they filed the paperwork to bring their license current two days later.

In my opinion, this company displayed unprofessionalism, intentional harassment, and operating a business in the State of Oregon without a valid business license.

I feel extremely violated and hold my insurance carrier responsible. I have documented proof of several violations which should amount to approx. $12,000 in fines according to the Administrative Rule and am weighing if I should submit the complaints or not…any suggestions?

22 Janice October 17, 2014 at 10:10 pm

Can someone please advise on why I would be stalked. This is how it goes last summer I was at a store a two men watching me one even looking for me took pictures of me. Then last week at a store a man on his phone acting like he was looking at something walking back and forth talking loud enough I can hear him. I’m sure he was referring to me telling the person on the phone about me( she stays him and he referring to my husband takes care of the house) then he laughed and told the person on the phone give him four glasses of wine referring to the husband. I’m pretty sure husband was seen someone when we were separated could that person have hired these stackers since were together again. Also the other day someone called husbands phone he sounded upset told them no and hung up he said it was a wrong number. Also this is the worst part I was at a store and when I left a man there left wearing sunglasses and cap I looked at him he didn’t look at me. After that I was driving to my sons school and I was shocked to see he was driving in front of me in the school parking lot drove slow scoping the school out didn’t pick anyone up. My heart and stomach felt sick. What could that be about.

23 Janice October 17, 2014 at 10:25 pm

I meant to say the man on the phone at the store said this referring to me(she stays home then referring to my husband he takes care of the house) that scared day lights out of me. How would he know that. Why would he care. Didn’t he know I was listening. Why would someone pay to have me spy’ed on. I’m boring I don’t get any government benefits or anything. Also how did the man from the other store know where I was going. He drove in front of me not behind me. For some reason my heart sunk I felt nervous and sick. Please advice.

24 Emily Taylor November 5, 2014 at 4:31 am

Another way to get them is hire your own PI on them or better yet a TSCM PI firm

25 Emily Taylor November 5, 2014 at 4:38 am

Oh btw you can also get followed for not liking the Scientology cult. Going to a protest, frequent online activities critisizing them, going on the news, photographing and so on.

26 Orlando Phoenix December 5, 2014 at 7:13 am

Actually, in my time as a PI, I did take several claims. These companies do not waste money until too many red flags pop up and cause the SIU teams to be hired. out of 300 case files I worked, over 90% were people submitting fraudulent claims. This means that 10% were legit. Those that were faking injury put on the show when in public but would eventually slip up. Case in point: Guy was claiming 8 weeks after injury that his range-of-motion was limited due to a broken rib and that his ribs were still broken.

I surveilled him via mobile platform and obtained video footage of him cranking up the trailer he used for race car driving. During that movement, he exhibited the range of motion he claimed he could not perform. At the races, I obtained footage of him doing the Dukes of Hazard style entry to his race car which of course, required his ribs brushing up against the car. After weeks of this, he was charged with fraud and sentenced.

In my case I am not a failed cop or any of that garbage whoever up there stated. If I am contacted for a case, there is a 90% chance of you being a problem based on my past experience.

Now on to the juicy stuff-

1) Neighborhood:
a. The technique for parking in a neighborhood is to arrive before 0430 in order to be there when you wake up.
b. Since many states will not allow a personal vehicle to have 2% tint on windows, black cloth is often lining the windows opposite of the window being used. A skilled investigator will account for the light entering the vehicle and will use the sun in their favor. I can easily throw enough cloth up and park “just right” so that a sunscreen is not needed.
c. Many accounts want contact of the target to occur to confirm ID. This is called pre-texting. My favorite ploy was to do the “Castaway”. I would take a FedEx container, drag it all around a parking lot and treat the FedEx Airbill on it to appear faded. In order to confirm ID I would claim that I live only a few block away and of course your greed would take the best of you and you would eagerly take the package—-bingo! (one guy even paid the “COD” on it-used that to buy Whataburger which was just across the street. So I ate on his dime while proving he was in violation of his parole.
If you do not know what Whataburger is then you haven’t lived). So the assumption is that many other companies do this too.
d. If you really want to mess the investigators, do some stuff in the front yard in the middle of August. Unoccupied parked cars do not run Air Conditioners. If you are active in the front yard, the investigator has to obtain video. Imagine Ace Venture in the Rhino.

Now days I work with Anonymous and wage war on Pedophiles and Nazi’s.

Expect Us

27 JMOON January 10, 2015 at 1:57 pm

How would I know if I have had my house bugged? Where would I check? And what could they look like? I know with my phone the PI has already had/still has access to all my messages, calls, etc. I heard that setting up a VPN will block that from happening. I just don’t know which one is the best, that would give the PI a run for his money. Any advice would be appreciated more than you know. I can’t stand the stress of being harassed and having such an invasion of privacy.
Please help!!! I’ve got to figure all this out ASAP.
Thank you in advance.

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