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5 Steps To Anonymous Online Speech

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If you have seen the movie V for Vendetta, you may remember the broadcast the character, V, sends out to challenge corruption and authoritarian rule. He did that while remaining completely anonymous. In that spirit, to celebrate the 5th of November, How To Vanish is also showing political activists, and every one else, how to do the exact same thing: exercise freedom of speech while protecting your anonymity.

People Are Fed Up

Political activism is growing around the world. The Arab Spring, Wikileaks, the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, these political activists are promoting ideas that challenge the current political and economic power structure and expose political and corporate corruption across the globe.

Challenging Power Is Risky

But challenging the powerful and exposing corruption is risky. Whistleblowers suffer financially, they are harassed, ostracized, and intimidated. In extreme cases they are faced with violence, imprisonment and even death. We don’t even have to look all the way back to the Mississippi civil rights workers in the 60s who were killed for examples. There are plenty of examples in recent memory.

  • Just a few days ago there were reports that 13 Syrian bloggers and journalists have disappeared.
  • A Google employee, was imprisoned for several days for organizing protests against the Egyptian government.
  • Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was outed as a CIA operative because he publicly criticized the Bush administration for using bad intelligence on WMD in the State of the Union address.
  • Wikileaks is being financially blockaded, crippling their ability to function and possibly leading to the end of the whistleblowing website.


These are mild cases of intimidation. For some political activists, the threat of violence is very real.

  • David Kelley, a British weapons expert, died under suspicious circumstances after revealing that the British government manipulated WMD data to make the case for the Iraq invasion.
  • High ranking US politicians have called for charges of treason and the death penalty for Bradley Manning for allegedly blowing the whistle by releasing evidence of crimes committed by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A 16 year old American citizen was targeted and killed in a drone strike, without criminal charges and with no due process of law.

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Freedom Of Speech Is Threatened

The bottom line is that people need to be able to speak out to challenge ruling powers and expose corruption without risking their finances, their freedom or their lives. But that can be very difficult to do.

The Law Is Insufficient To Protect Free Speech

The law can’t protect political activists or freedom of speech. Very few countries have any kind of law that protects whistleblowers from unjust retaliation. Even where those laws exists, they are almost completely ineffective. In fact, those laws usually make it worse for the whistleblower.

Most countries also have laws that are used against whistleblowers to deter exposing corruption. In some countries, it is illegal to oppose the government. In places like the US, whistleblowers are often charged with all kinds of other crimes that could range from trespassing to treason.

The Powerful Are Above The Law

There is a different law for people in power. They rely on their chronies to insulate them from legal consequences. Tricky dick was pardoned by Gerald Ford and congress made AT&T immune to liability for illegal wiretapping. The investigation of the murder of the 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi in the 60s had to be done by federal officials because state officials refused to prosecute the murderers. The law is much more strict for the rest of us.

The last reason why the law cannot protect activists is because you can’t trust corrupt people to respect the rule of law. When corrupt people control the legal process, they will break the law to preserve their power and cover up their corruption.

Solution: Publish A Website Anonymously

But there is still a way for political activists to challenge the power structure and expose corruption without risking their finances, their freedom or their lives. It is by publishing anonymously on the internet with an anonymous website.

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Free speech includes the concept of anonymous speech. There is a long history of anonymous speech in the US having a meaningful impact on justice.

The Watergate scandal was exposed by a person known only as Deep Throat. That scandal led to the resignation of Nixon and has had a lasting impact on politics in the US. That revelation was only possible because Deep Throat could remain anonymous.

We Need New Tools To Protect Anonymity In A World With New Technology

The techniques that were used in the past were well suited for their time. But now we live in the information age. We need a lot of new techniques and new tools to protect our anonymous speech. Those same tools that were used previously may not be as effective as they were in the past. There is simply more information now that is aggregated, filtered, sorted, archived, and often forgotten.

Placing an anonymous call to a reporter, slipping a note under the door of a newspaper, or leaving an anonymous comment on the web may not be enough to effectively challenge power and corruption. Wee need the power of the internet.

Constant Electronic And Financial Surveillance Make Anonymity Difficult

We are also living in a time of almost complete digital and financial surveillance. Every phone call you make, every email you send, very website you visit, every book you buy on amazon.com, and every financial transaction you make is recorded, databased and searchable. Usually without a warrant.

All of that activity can be traced right back to you, making it very hard to do anything anonymously. Advanced computer forensic tools can search through tons of electronic records and reveal our identity. So when a court ordered Judith Miller to reveal her source, there were plenty of ways for her to comply. When she refused, she was sent to jail. If her source had taken steps to protect his anonymity, even from the reporter, that reporter could not have been compelled to produce the identity of her source and would not have served jail time.

At How To Vanish we know how important it is to be able to speak anonymously. And we know some things about privacy that others don’t.

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5 Step System To Create Website Anonymously

So we created a simple 5 Step System to publish a website, completely anonymously.

  • Protect Identity – This system will give political activists the anonymity they need to challenge the political and corporate power structure and expose corruption in high places while completely protecting their own identity.
  • Anonymous Internet – We show you how to use the internet completely anonymously to prevent electronic surveillance so your identity stays secret.
  • No Financial Transaction Record – We show you 4 easy ways to make anonymous payments for services that you might need to publish your information. There will be no audit trail that leads back to your bank account or credit card. Searches of financial records won’t lead to your identity, whether they have a warrant or not.
  • Prevent Financial Blockade – We also show you how to accept anonymous payments to prevent financial blockade like Wikileaks.
  • Forbidden Knowledge – Most of the solutions you will see to publish a website anonymously will not work. They rely on a complete false sense of security that will not keep the least motivated people from discovering your identity, let alone the corrupt individuals you expose. Only this 5 Step System will give you superior identity protection.
  • Easy – And finally, the 5 Step System is extremely easy and completely within the law so just about any political activist can use it. You don’t need to have any advanced hacking skills to use it.


Ultimately, this 5 Step System will show you how to speak freely without being subject to threats, intimidation, financial ruin, prison, or even death.

Get Your Copy Of 5 Steps To Anonymous Speech

“Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Get your freedom of speech back. Click on the order link now to get your 5 Steps to Anonymous Speech.

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