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Candidate name: Trace Mayer, J.D.

Forum handle:

Running for: Individual Seat



I already dedicate a significant amount of time and resources towards Bitcoin related endeavors and am among the few who can coherently tie together the technology, finance, accounting, legal, marketing, entrepreneurial and investor aspects of this disruptive technology.

Areas I want to focus on in order of importance are:

Importantly, I have significant control over how my time is allocated, currently have no intent to pursue my own Bitcoin startup and consequently can continue devoting significant time and resources to getting things done that advance Bitcoin.


I am greatly interested in wallet developments, protocol developments that will allow for greater use by corporations, crowd funding, smart property contracts, colored coins, international remittances, mobile, developing markets like Africa and Asia along with tangential projects like BitMessage and Open Transactions. I see Bitcoin as only one piece of the solution to The Great Credit Contraction as the financial and currency markets are creatively destroyed and innovating in this space is so much fun!

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