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3 Takeaways From Kaspersky Reports

by The Drifter on March 19, 2015

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

3 Takeaways From Kaspersky Report

Kaspersky has made credible reports that virtually all computers have been compromised with malicious code, giving the NSA secret access to any computer they want. There is no way to fix the intrusion and it is incredibly difficult to even detect. What does this mean for the privacy of anything we do with our electronic devices?

1. Almost every computer could have been compromised.

We don’t know the true extent of the intrusion, but the reports note that very few computers have actually been exploited and usually the ones that have are very high value government targets. Thus, the likelihood that individuals have had their own personal information stolen at this point seems low.

2. There are no known alternatives… Yet.

Computers are very complex machines with lots of points of potential compromise. So far it seems like most, if not all, computers have been affected. We will be on the look out for safer alternatives that are less likely to be compromised.

3. The NSA is out of control.

We don’t know for sure that the NSA is behind this breach but the evidence points strongly in their direction. Even if they have restrained themselves up to this point, giving the NSA this power is like leaving a loaded gun on the table with a toddler in the house. But even the simple fact that this was done is a serious violation of the rights of every human being on the planet that has used a computer. There is no reasonable argument that the NSA is not out of control.

We can be digital hermits and avoid all electronic devices to protect our privacy. Some people will certainly choose this option. Others feel they will benefit from taking some privacy risks and use electronic devices.

At HowToVanish, we will help you know what risks you are exposed to and give you solutions to minimize your privacy risk. Whether you are a digital hermit or a Kardashian, you can use the tips and tools we provide however you want to get as much, or as little, privacy as you want. Check out more How To Vanish for the latest and greatest in privacy protection.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Drifter is a California attorney. He holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from California Western School of Law. He practices civil litigation, domestic and foreign business entity formation and transactions, criminal defense and privacy law. He is a strong advocate of personal and financial freedom and civil liberties. This is merely one article of 131 by .
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